About Memorandum

Memorandum is a book that uses photography, oral history and collection material to recount  stories. It is a project about things that were remembered, photographs that were carefully stored and conversations that must never be forgotten.

This book is the outcome of a Siganto Foundation Artists’ Books Fellowship at the State Library of Queensland 2015 -2016.



Photographs  & Text:

Ⓒ2016 Ana Paula Estrada

Subject´s personal photographs.

John Oxley Collection, State Library of Queensland.


Design & concept: Ana Paula Estrada

Essay: Dr. Doug Spowart

Artwork: Linda Carling

Colour management: Martin Barry

Printing: Allclear in Brisbane, Australia


Typefaces: Chronicle Display and Aparajita

Paper stock: 120gsm & 390gsm Ecostar



First edition, 2016

Print run: 200 / numbered and signed.


Other details:

Soft cover

Section Sewn (Exposed Spine)

170 pages, 86 photographs.

Printing: 4 colour digital

It contains a separate small 8pp booklet, fold out pages and a tipped in 112gsm translucent page.



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